How we made it

The process of making the show began with a residency at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre in New York State. The new state-of-the-art art and technology facility had recently been completed.

We had a beautiful studio to ourselves, where the EMPAC team helped us explore the ways we could take images of flashing lights and create landscapes with them, and record layers of similarly landscaped sound, due to the studio’s excellent acoustic properties (the studio floats on giant acoustic springs and is paneled with special metal acoustic tiles despite its very large size).

We worked almost exclusively in the dark, using still images to inspire the sound and video choices.

Singing was recorded using the rhythms, structures and poetic resonances of the lights as inspiration.

We used these materials to compose the final performance, and wove narratives of sound and image together to create the immersive space of the show; the lighting, the blocking and the other materials.

We experimented with screen, speaker placement and lighting until we settled on what felt right to balance the acoustic against the electronic sound, the live lights against the just perceptible physical body doing the singing.